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Tattooed Model Kristen Evelyn Baier

Meet Kristen Evelyn Baier, a girl who has dedicated her life to the rebellious style she loves and the alternative world that surrounds it. Known for doing a majority of photo shoots with her pet hybrid wolf, Kristen was one girl we felt the world needed to meet.

Interview followed by photo gallery.

What made you want to become a model?

Art is the reason I became a model. I loved seeing others make beautiful pictures with their bodies and the landscape of a background; I love the idea that art goes outside the paintings and sculptures.

You have several shoots in which you work with your Siberian husky-wolf hybrid, Arcticus. What brought those shoots about?

He's my sidekick; I'm like Batman and he’s my Robin. I have him with me everywhere I go. If we’re going to take on the world we're going to do it together no matter what pictures, adventures, or road trips. Whatever it is, it’s always going to be the two of us.

What inspired you to adopt a hybrid pet?

He was actually a nineteenth birthday present to me. I found a German Shepherd puppy and had him for three months. I got super attached, then found his original owner and had to return him. It broke my heart. My friend Kim saw that I was upset about the German Shepherd leaving so she took it in her own hands and found Arcticus. He needed to be rescued and nobody wanted a dog that was 100 pounds. I felt for him; I was in foster care and never got adopted because I wasn’t a young baby, just like Arcticus.

If you could design any photo-shoot, what would it be and who would shoot it?

Damn, that’s a hard question, but I’d have Elliott Erwitt shoot it. I'd want to do a desert shoot with me and Arcticus along with my motorcycle, flames and an eagle soaring around me. I’d also want another shot with the eagle on my arm.

Photo by Drew Piester

Photo by Drew Piester

What first got you interested in tattoos?

When I was 11 my uncle had a cool tat on his stomach. It was a skull riding a horse through flames that he got in the ‘80s. He taught me everything I needed to know about heavy metal and rock. From that point on I knew if I wanted to be a badass I needed to play an instrument, ride a motorcycle and get sleeves. It’s been ten years and nothing’s changed, except I don't want sleeves; I'd rather a 3/4 quarter sleeve.

What is your favorite tattoo?

My all time favorite tattoo is the one on my left side. It’s the Native American story of why the lone wolf is alone. I got it done by Lars Van Zandt who works at Iron Tiger Tattoo in Columbia, Missouri. The tattoo, for me, means no matter what happens in life I was born alone so I'm going to die alone and that’s the fate of life. I’ve got to be tough enough to handle my own and not need anyone, just like how the lone wolf is the strongest of them all even though he walks alone. All of my tattoos are a story of my past, present and future. They tell my life story for me.

What are your plans for your next piece(s)?

I want to get a back piece and 3/4 quarter sleeve of all the characters besides Alice in [Lewis Carroll’s] Through the Looking Glass and Alice’sAdventures in Wonderland along with a triton and the alchemical symbol for water.

What brought about your love for motorcycles?

When I was a kid all my cousins, brothers and sisters would talk about the dream cars they wanted when they grew up and then they all looked at me and asked what car I'd drive. I said "You all can drive your cars to the movie theater, I’ll be right behind you on my motorcycle and when you guys park your cars my bike will be right up front. I'll be in full leather; I'll take my helmet off and shake my hair. I'm going to look so much cooler that way than in any car." And it’s been a childhood dream to ride a motorcycle and that dream never died. Now I look back and know that lil Kristen would have been proud.

Photo by Drew Piester

Photo by Drew Piester

The reason I am a mermaid is because I am a Pisces and our ruling planet is Neptune, which in thus makes me a daughter of Neptune. My element is water; I'm in love with surfing, riding the waves, being out at sea, and all-in-all just adore being at the beach all of the time. My mom left me and my father when I was two. He didn't know how to take care of a girl, he just knew that The Little Mermaid kept me quite so he played it every day until I was nine. I had three Little Mermaid birthday parties and have been a mermaid for Halloween like six times. I had to go to counseling as a 15-year-old because my mermaid obsession wouldn't end. They thought I wasn't "growing up" like the rest of the kids my age because my number one dream even to this day is to have the ocean waters touch my legs so I grow a fin. My life would be complete.

You are a drummer. What kind of music do you find yourself listening to or playing?

I learned to drum to Ringo Starr, of course, and then took up on Dave Grohl, both from Nirvana and The Foo Fighters. I'm not a good drummer by any means, but I know how to play and I love banging it out. I love to play to classic songs, nothing with a double bass. I like to keep it simple and classic for now.

Anything else you want to add?

I'm an outlaw.

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