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Tattooed Model Madness - First Round Part 2



It’s that time of year again. The time when the weather starts to get a little warmer, we consume our weight in corned beef and Guinness, and we dream about filling out the perfect March Madness bracket. While the NCAA basketball tournament is one of our favorite spectacles of the year not all brackets have to be based on roundball. Last year we gave you a tournament featuring 64 fantastic tattoo artists. Once the dust settled a few weeks later you had named Tye Harris the 2014 Inked Tattoo Madness Champion.

We didn’t want to do the same old thing this year, what’s the fun in that? That’s why we decided to turn out attention away from the artists to the beautiful women covered in the art of those talented tattooist. We give to you the 2015 Tattooed Model Madness Tournament. Sixty-four of your favorite tattooed models will battle each other over the coming weeks to determine who is the number one tattooed model in the land.

In what we decided would be the most fair way to set the field we determined seeding based off of social media followers. So those women with a greater following on social media received the higher seeds. But, as anyone who has watched basketball in March knows, the seed can only carry you so far. Upsets always happen, stuff gets crazy.

When all is said and done the winner will get a gift card from InkedShop and bragging rights. Oh, wait, that’s not it. They will also get their very own Inked Girls shoot. Once you think about it, it’s in your own best interest to vote for your favorite model and spread the word about it since you’ll get to see brand new pictures if she wins.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll through the gallery below and vote! Voting has closed for this round of the tournament. Head on over to the Sweet Sixteen to see who won and cast your votes for the models you want to move on to the Elite Eight.

Don't forget to click all the way through and vote in every matchup!

May the best woman win!