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Tattooed Model Madness - Sweet Sixteen



Welcome to the Sweet Sixteen! Through our first two rounds of voting there have been a slew of upsets in the 2015 Tattooed Model Madness Tournament. Honestly, that's understating things. The highest seeded model left in the tournament is Radeo, a four seed. That means that every one, two and three (as well as the rest of the fours) have been eliminated. We even have one 16 seed (Patton Suicide) left! That's absolute insanity.

Enough about the past, let's look to the future. Even considering all of the upsets the Sweet Sixteen is absolutely stacked with amazing contests that you'll have to see to believe. We're very intrigued by seeing how next month's Inked cover girl Heather Moss does in her battle with Vanessa Lake—choosing only one of those beautiful women to move on may be the hardest decision you'll ever make. Yet just a little bit further down the bracket you'll find Cleo Wattenstrom facing off against Little Linda—both women are talented tattoo artists in addition to being gorgeous models. That's just two of the eight amazing matchups, you'll have to scroll through the gallery below in order to see the rest and cast your votes.

Remember, all of the models are competing for their very own Inked Girls shoot (which could also be considered a prize for you) and some swag from the InkedShop.

Voting has closed for this round of the tournament. Head on over to the Elite Eight to see who won and cast your votes for the models you want to move on to the Final Four. You can check out how we made it to this point but going back and browsing through the first and second rounds.

Don't forget to scroll all the way through and vote for each and every matchup.

May the best woman win!