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Tattooed Moms! Touching Pics of Why They're the Best Moms!


Their Love for You is On Their Sleeve.

It's hard enough being a mom, never mind being a tattooed mom. What with the stares from the other parents at the PTA to the snide comments from the staff at pre-k or the “eye-rolls” from the non-tattooed soccer moms, it’s enough to make you scream. We’ve all overheard the asinine assumptions, “she must be divorced” or “I bet she sleeps around.”

Well, “F”-U!

We are here to dispel all those absolutely stupid and completely unfounded rumors and stereotypes with one telling observation. Covering your body with ink takes a certain type of person. A person who doesn't do things half-heartedly. Who brings an intense passion to whatever they are doing. It's this same intensity and passion that these tattooed mom’s transfer to how much they care for and love their children.

To all the tattooed moms out there, we salute you!


 Photo via pinterest