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Tattooed Paintress Travels World Selling Her Art!

Buy a Ticket. Take the Ride.

Meet Caroline, the Tattooed Traveler, who 18 months ago decided to sell all but a backpack-full of her possessions and has been a nomad of the world ever since. Although Caroline chooses not to have a physical place of her own, she says she feels at home within herself and when she’s making art in cool places. While creative traveling keeps her balanced, it also funds her journey. She paints in each country and sells her art or makes custom pieces for her Instagram following. Always in her pack are her art supplies and roll of canvas. So far, her travels have taken her around Southeast Asia, across the United States, India and Nepal, back and forth between Israel and Jordan and now she resides in Northern Africa. She shares her experiences along the way through her Instagram (@tattooedtraveler) and also writes her own travel blog. Please read on to see some of our favorite pictures of hers and to gain a glimpse into the adventurous lifestyle this tattooed chick has made for herself.

Cover Photo 1

 Photo via the tattooed traveler