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Every Presidential Candidate Got Tattooed

Presidential candidates Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Michael Bloomberg, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson walk into a tattoo shop....yes it's a start of an odd joke (and probably ends up with Carson curled up in the fetal position taking a nap or Trump asking why they don't make ink with gold flake) but it wouldn't be such a bad idea. This 2016 primary season is the muddiest in recent memory, meaning the hopefuls desperately need to reach precious voters and it might serve the candidates well to wear their policies and personalities on their sleeves.

The great part about touring the country on a presidential campaign is getting to know the constituents. The candidates shake hands, kiss babies, wear the nearest city's team's ball cap, have lunch with seniors and drink a beer at the local bar. They should, however, always take a detour to a tattoo shop, as Libertarian hopeful John McAfee told Inked while in a tattoo shop, "Every one with a tattoo is voting age."

So a few presidential candidates walk into a tattoo shop to earn some votes and walk out with pieces as important to their identity as their campaign logos and slogans. This is a change that we can believe in.