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Tattooers to Get Inked by in Your State

Some of Our Favorite Artists in Each of the Fifty States

Around the country, one of the biggest questions being asked is where to get inked in your area. Instagram can be a great tool to discover talented tattooers from around the globe, however, it can at times be tricky to find local artists. With thousands of artists submitting incredible art on a world wide level, what is someone to do if they can't travel to their dream tattooer? Well, we think it's about time to highlight a few of the epic and incredible artists in each state. We've scoured shops from California to Connecticut, Alaska to Arkansas, and Mississippi to Montana to find some of our favorite ink slingers around. Take a peek at the gallery below to find out who's killing it in your home state and let us know in the comments section on Facebook which region reigns supreme.

hess KA

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