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This Tattooist's Photo Went Viral for All the Right Reasons

In a world where the internet is filled to the brim with cat videos and memes of Kim K’s behind, it’s not very often that a snap shot of genuine good nature goes viral. Meet Jason Ward, tattooist and manager at Muscle and Ink Tattoo Parlour in Hamilton, New Zealand. Ward came to the attention of the public eye just a few days ago when a photo of him spread through the web like water through a sponge. This photo wasn’t of planking or a selfie gone wrong or any other nonsensical photo fad, it was simply an image of Ward applying a stick on tattoo to a woman with Downs Syndrome. The photo, taken by one of Ward’s friends/clients, represents an act that Ward does once a week and was captioned with: “Every Friday this lady comes in with stick on tattoos to see her tattooist. She says he makes her feel ‘equal,’ when he puts them on—gloves, spray, and all.” “I was just doing a tattoo for a friend of mine when she came in,” Ward told The LAD Bible. “My friend was so moved that she took the photo. She put it on my Facebook and since then it has been insane–for me it is just a couple of people having a nice day.” The woman comes in every Friday afternoon on her own with a new batch of stick on tattoos to choose from and Ward is right there to set up his station just as he would for any other client before applying the stick on tattoo of the week. With so much internet feedback now flooding Ward's world, he humbly commented to The LAD Bible, “If I’ve done one thing, I’d hope that people will now look at others differently in a more positive way.”