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Tattoos in Space!

Tattoos.... the final frontier. These are the voyages of the website Woah. Sorry about that, got a little carried away. Now that you've read our poor Shatner impression let us get back on your good side by showing you some out-of-this-world space tattoos.

Outer space has always been a mystery to mankind. It seems like the more we learn about it the less we know. Enigmas like this always end up breeding creative and interesting art. If you want proof of that check out the piece above and all of the tattoos in this gallery. Whether it be tattoos depicting early explorers such as Laika the Dog, the spacecraft that bring us a tiny bit closer to the stars or the astronomical (pun intended) beauty of the planets and stars.

The tattoo above by tattooist Ben Klishevskiy shows the chaos that is rampant in the universe once you leave our happy little blue marble. The insanely detailed and vibrantly colored chest piece shows a star being born out of the chaos of the cosmos.

Just like how we marvel at the wonders of the universe, we also marvel at the talented tattooists who have created the work in this gallery. With nothing more than a tattoo machine and ink they have been able to duplicate the miracles of the cosmos in these tattoos. 

Maybe there are aliens sitting around on their home planet tattooing their grey skin with images of our far away Earth just like how we are inking our skin with images of their world. Pretty trippy, right? Think about it as you flip through this gallery of space tattoos. 

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "Space Kitty" Raw Edge Tank by Loungefly

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "Space Kitty" Raw Edge Tank by Loungefly