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The Tattoos of Walking Dead's Leading Man: Norman Reedus

Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead got you down? Us too. Cliffhangers are bullshit. All these weeks anticipating the death of a major character and now we don't even know who's gone. THE NERVE. But we get it. Networks have to keep us coming back. Congratulations AMC, we'll be counting the minutes until the start of season 7—the opening scene is said to be the darkest, goriest scene yet, picking up right where the finale left off.

While mourning the death of an unknown character, we turned to Norman Reedus a.k.a. Daryl Dixon. (Can you think of a remedy more curing than scanning the actor's body for ink?) None of his tattoos are as large as the portraits super fans have gotten of him and the Walking Dead cast, but he still has quite a few. His sexiest ink, ladies, is the "Norman" script across his chest. And no, he's not self centered. The 47-year-old zombie destroyer also has a few demons tattooed around his upper body.

Just recently, Reedus took a trip to New Orleans with Mastodon Guitarist Brent Hinds; the two got tattoos in honor of the late Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister. Not pictured is the small snake tattoo on his thigh and the tiny star on his hand.

His Instagram @bigbaldhead, followed by almost 4 million, often shares tattoos fans got in honor of The Walking Dead. It alsooffers a humorous post on the daily. Side note: We love bald men, but we're glad @bigbaldhead is just an Insta handle (and the name of his production company), and not true to his own image—Reedus' lengthy locks have captured our hearts.

Check out the TV star's tattoos below.