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The Tattoos of Pop Rock's Latest Sensation: Elle King

Elle King is not your average tattooed celebrity. Her fame is recent; her tattoos, though the collection is ever-growing, are not. In fact, her ink helped her find her mojo. "I started getting tattooed and dying my hair so that I saw beauty that I created," she wrote in an Instagram


The beauty of the body is what we make it. I never felt confident until I understood how freeing it is to be yourself. I started getting tattooed and dying my hair so that I saw beauty that I created, and in turn I got the best gift you can ever give yourself. Self love. Love yourself for who you are. Confidence is the sexiest and most attractive trait a person can have. We are all individually beautiful. Life would be so boring if everyone looked the same. Thank you tremendously for these incredible dreadlocks hand made for me by @rollies2thesky !❤️❤️❤️

A photo posted by Elle King (@elleking) on Nov 4, 2015 at 12:52am PST

" target="_blank">post featuring blonde dread locks laced with pink dye. In building her own beauty she found self love and "the sexiest and most attractive trait a person can have:" confidence.

Unlike many celebs who stick to one artist, King's curves are a canvas to many tattooers—including herself (slide 12). Her arms are decorated from shoulders to fingertips with flowers and vines, hot pin-ups, girl power quotes, and also hearts. Her legs, still full of unclaimed real estate, rock her life motto, a Friday the 13th tattoo, and more. Basically, the 26-year-old's (mostly) American traditional ink is bold and bossy and makes us want to call her up to shoot whiskey and sing the blues.

The two-time Grammy nominee's hit single "Ex's and Oh's" (which details her days spent making boys cry, ha ha) is entering its 20th week on Billboard's Hot 100 and went platinum in January 2016. Now, King is touring in support of her 2015 LP Love Stuff, getting more ink on the road and probably breaking more hearts. You go girl.

Get to know King's ink in the gallery below.