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Tattoos to Raise Awareness

One of the most appealing things about tattoos is the way attention that they attract. When you have a bright and bold tattoo sticking out from under your shirt everyone is going to want to know what it is, why you got it and what it signifies. This is what makes tattoos such a perfect medium to raise awareness for certain causes, particularly those that deal with disease. When you know loved ones who go through something like a fight with cancer you want to do all you can to promote awareness and help them in their struggle; is there any better way to do this than to have that cause inked into your skin so that it is always on your mind? In the past we have created galleries of tattoos supporting Autism awareness and breast cancer awareness, here we wanted to show you that there are many, many other causes that have gotten the tattoo tribute. In the gallery below you will find people who were compelled by the greater good to get tattoos to raise awareness for a cause.