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The Beautifully Dark Tattoos of Riccardo Cassese

When it comes to creating breathtaking tattoos that have a just a hint of the macabre few can equal the work of Riccardo Cassese. Based in Barcelona, Cassese specializes in portraiture and realism. While many tattoo artists go over the top with dark imagery, Cassese often gives his work a very subtle nod towards the darker side of life. Perhaps a trickle of blood coming out of the mouth of an otherwise beautiful woman or an alien looking eye in the face of another; the effect that this has is in a way more profound than it would be if it were presented in a more obvious way. Of course, not all of Cassese's work has a dark tinge to it, many of his portraits are straightforward and just as excellent. Check out this gallery to catch a glimpse of some of our favorite tattoos by Riccardo Cassese.