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Tattoos That Ward Off the Evil Eye

What exactly is the evil eye, you ask? The evil eye is believed to be a curse that is cast upon a person unknowingly. People fear the curse will cause misfortune, injuries or worse.

Obviously, cultures around the world are different for many reasons; regardless of those differences, nationalities and religions practice habits to ward off the evil eye and negative energy altogether. Italians use an upside down horn, the Red Corna, to repel negativity. Some Sicilians also spread salt at the entrance of their front door. And you've heard of the Hand of Fatima, right? That symbol, though belonging largely to the Middle East and North Africa, is recognized as an evil eye repellent around the world. The people in the gallery below will never have to worry about warding off evil again, as their tattoos will take care of negative business for the rest of eternity.