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Teachers With Tattoos

People always say knowledge is power. No matter how much we may or may not have complained about school growing up, we all can remember the one teacher that truly changed our educational experience–the teacher that believed in us when all the others wanted to give us a big fat F! I can recall only one of my teachers being tattooed ( maybe all the others were good at hiding them). Mrs. Geiger had the stereotypical lower back tattoo, in addition to a butterfly on the back of her neck–I thought both were awesome.

Teachers are arguably the most influential people in children's lives. To see the bold ladies and gents below flaunt their ink in the classroom and share their tattoos with their students is very 2015. Surely their tattoo pride inspires their students to feel free to express themselves. Happy Back-to-School season, folks!

P.S. Do you recognize any of the teachers? Let us know!