Teen Vogue Shamed For "Summer Vagina" Article


We Never Knew Vaginas Changed Seasonally

There have been a number of ridiculous myths about the female reproductive system spread over the years—some truths taken out of context and others straight up rumors. For instance, there is no scientific proof that a women who sleeps around will loosen her lady bits over a woman who has the same amount of sex with one person over time. Additionally, urine does not come out of the vagina and women cannot lose tampons/sex toys inside of the canal. Now that we've gotten those things cleared away, it's time to talk about the accidental vagina phenomena that was created by Teen Vogue. In the headline of an article published to Facebook over the weekend, Teen Vogue mistakenly created the "summer vagina" and chaos ensued on social media. Take a peek at their mistake and let us know what you think about the concept of seasonal genitals.