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Tennessee Volunteers Fan Proves He ‘Bleeds Orange’ with New Leg Tattoo


Die-Hard Fan Go Hard for the Vols

Fans of the Tennessee Volunteers college football team live and breathe UT, and they would do just about anything to prove their allegiance to the team, including going under the needle for a permanent tattoo dedicated to the Big Orange. Unfortunately, getting a football team tattoo is almost always a questionable decision. What if you suddenly decide you no longer like the team? What if the team changes its name, or worse, its colors? What if, God forbid, you end up playing football for another school? But for fans of the Tennessee Volunteers, they “bleed orange,” and that’s all there is to it. Speaking of things that are ridiculous being extremely dedicated to a football team, a new Volunteers fan tattoo has been circling the Internet recently, a badge of honor that separates a true UT fan from the rest of us poor slobs.

 Tattoo sported by 247Sports user A_True_Vols_Fan. Photo:

Tattoo sported by 247Sports user A_True_Vols_Fan. Photo: