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Test Drive Your Tattoo With Momentary Ink

I can't tell you how many people that I have met who have cold feet about getting a tattoo. Other than the trepidation over pain, their primary concern tends to be that they worry that they won't like a tattoo once it is inked on them permanently. Luckily, Momentary Ink has a solution for that.

Momentary Ink is a company which allows you to upload the tattoo design of your choice onto their website, they are able to manipulate the size and colors to guarantee the temporary tattoo will look like the real deal, and then they mail you an adhesive temporary tattoo which will last anywhere from three to 10 days. The secret behind why Momentary Ink's temporary tattoos look so much like the real thing is their exclusive proprietary matting solution, which ensures that even a tattoo artist won't be able to tell the difference.

This product is an affordable and safe way for clients to test out a tattoo and to make sure that they will want this design on them forever. Because Momentary Ink allows people to show their tattoos to their friends, family, and even their employers before they get a permanent design, just to make sure that this is a decision that will fit with their lifestyle.

With tattoo removal and tattoo regret on a record high, Momentary Ink could be the solution that keeps people from getting tattoos that they aren't 100% sold on. Over the past few years, tattoos have become a trend that everyone who is anyone has and testing out a tattoo may help someone to determine whether they want to be tattooed or just like the idea and the fashion of having a tattoo. A tattoo is something that lasts forever and Momentary Ink could be the key towards curbing eager individuals from making hasty choices that they may regret later on in life.