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So That's Where the Joker Gets His Ink

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Only two weeks ago comic book fans went ballistic when a leaked photo revealed that the Joker has gotten an extensive amount of ink since we last saw him. David Ayer, director of the much anticipated Suicide Squad, leaked a picture showing actor Jared Leto covered in tattoos including a sick looking smiley face covering his forearm. Seriously, we are praying for a scene when the Joker is holding someone hostage with the arm over their face and that ink smile showing.

Sorry, we digressed for a second there. One thought that we had after seeing the original pic was "Where did the Joker get all of those tattoos?" A newly leaked photo gives us an answer—his tattoo artist is none other than his demented devotee Harley Quinn. In this photo, as can be seen above, what appears to be a masked Margot Robbie is seen working the tattoo machine on the super villain's back.

How cool is it that Harley, who was already one of our favorite characters, is a tattoo artist? Well, we don't want to get your hopes up, but it turns out that the photo isn't legit. The Instagram #DC Live Feed, the same people who originally leaked the photo, have now confirmed that the photo is not actually from the film but actually fan art. The image was created by Glam and Gore and it has possibly caused as much uproar as the first photo did.

We thought that we would take the sting out of your disappointment about Harley not being a tattoo artist by featuring a bunch of really cool tattoos of the character. And don't forget to check out this list of tattoos featuring the love of her life, the Joker.