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The 12 Types of Girls You See in Tattoo Shops

You Know What Kind of Tattoos These Girls Are Going to Get From the Moment They Walk Into the Shop

According to a poll published by Harris, three out of every ten individuals have at least one tattoo and 31% of women have tattoos. More women than ever are frequenting tattoo shops and the expectations of the industry are changing with the shifting customer demographic. Our societies' cultural expectations are altering right before our eyes and women from all walks of life are making the decision to get a tattoo. With women of all backgrounds and interests choosing to get inked, there comes a handful of stereotypes attached to female tattoo collectors. We all know these girls and we probably have a good idea of what kind of tattoos that they're going to a tattoo shop to get. Who knows, maybe you're one of the tropes that artists have gotten used to seeing in their chair. The only way you'll find out is by staying tuned and learning about the 12 types of girls you see in tattoo shops.

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