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The Athenian Tattooer Putting a Modern Spin on Classic Greek Art

Sake Tattoo is Revamping Greek Art on Skin and in Sculpture

We all know the phrase, "Life Imitating Art," but what about art imitating art? Artists have always found inspiration from the great creative leaders who came before them and it's common for members of the artistic community to recreate and reimagine classic art for contemporary audiences. In the tattoo world, classic works of art are consistently referenced and replicated for clients—with artists frequently remastering the inspiration to better fit the canvas. However, no one is reimagining art quite like Athenian tattooer, Sake. Sake is a tattoo artist from Athens, Greece and the owner of Sake Tattoo. He's well known in the industry for his graphic realism style and has the ability to flawlessly merge multiple artistic disciplines into one cohesive piece. He's recently released a new project, which is taking both the tattoo and the art world by storm. Check out what this Greek God of Graffiti has been up to!

Photo via Instagram