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'The Boondock Saints' TV Show, 'The Boondock Saints' Tattoos


Sure, maybe after the first time you saw the 1999 cult-classic film "The Boondock Saints" you became obsessed with it like most people with good taste in film. Maybe you learned the lines and dropped the quotes in what you thought was a great Irish accent. Maybe you went as far as the people in the photo gallery below and paid homage to the film with a tattoo.

Troy Duffy, the writer/director of the film and its 2009 sequel "The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day" has been obsessed with the franchise in a different way. "For years I've been obsessed with telling a real origin story with Boondock, and IM Global TV has stepped up," Duffy says on You read that right. Production company IM Global TV has "stepped up" and acquired the rights to "The Boondock Saints" for a TV adaptation. Duffy has already written the first episode and the show's bible for the series that will serve as a prequel to the films and will show the origins of brothers Connor and Murphy MacManus as Irish immigrants in South Boston.

"Television is the perfect medium to explore these controversial characters on a much deeper level to bring Boondock Saints to a whole new audience," says Duffy. And a tattoo is the perfect medium to honor such controversial characters. Flip through the gallery below to see how some fans did just that.