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The DEVAST8 Dad Regrets Tattoo Removal Despite Landing a Job?!

To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo!

For the few who may not know the saga of the DEVEST8 DAD here it is in a nutshell. Mark Cropp was in a Christchurch, New Zealand prison serving a two-year-and-three-month sentence for aggravated robbery, after he attacked a dealer who sold him fake weed.
While in prison and drunk on home-brewed jail hooch — with his brother who was also incarcerated — the two decided to tattoo the words DEVAST8 on Mark’s face. With the help of other inmates they made a make-shift tattoo machine and created ink by melting plastic kitchen utensils and toothpaste
The tattoo was originally to be a small jaw line piece, however, during the tattoo session Cropp fell asleep and his brother got “carried away.” When he woke eight hours later the entire lower half of his face was tattooed.
Cropp is released from prison and hits his social media post complaining that he cannot get a job because of his facial tattoo. The post goes viral!


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