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The DIY Tattoo Video We NEED To Discuss

Why DIY Tattoos Are Never a Good Idea

A new video has surfaced from the entertainment site, Super Deluxe, featuring a DIY tattoo tutorial. You may recognize this source from their previous DIY piercing tutorial as well as the popular online short, Joanne the Scammer. They create short, "Buzzfeed-style" videos, typically within the fashion and beauty realm, and lately, they've caused quite a bit of controversy with their content.

The DIY Tattoo tutorial shows viewers step by step how to give themselves an at-home tattoo, however, they don't seem to grasp that this is a horrible idea. Here are some of our thoughts on this cringe-worthy video.

Photo via YouTube

The Video

Photo via YouTube

The video shows a girl going through the motions of a DIY stick n' poke tattoo, from setting up to completion