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The Evolution of the Sucky Panther

From Viral Meme to Tattoo Sensation

At some point during the last several years, an image of a sucky panther tattoo exploded in the meme scene. With it's wonky eyes, bulging mouth and patchy color saturation—the sucky panther is the quintessential example of a terrible tattoo. However, instead of moving in from this tattoo turned meme, the tattoo industry has turned sucky panther into an ink sensation. Hundreds of collectors and ink enthusiasts have replicated the sucky panther on their body, getting creative in their modifications of the infamous tattoo. Take a look at the gallery below to see how the sucky panther has evolved into a variety of diverse tattoo subjects, including lucky cats, cheetahs and rednecks. Then let us know if you're in on the gag and have a sucky panther of your own in the comments section on Facebook.

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