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The Fat Jew’s Tattoo of Barack Obama on a 5,000 Dollar Bill is a Dream Come True

Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky has been making waves for years now, with his famously rotund belly, impossibly tall upright ponytail, and an uncanny ability to replicate famous photo shoots with a body he ­likens to that of a Shrek-meets-Rosie-O’Donnell-man-child, but only recently did Ostrovksy become a true social media superstar, thanks to a faithful Instagram following that numbers in the millions. When it comes down to it, The Fat Jew is famous for his raunchy sense of humor, his lack of any sort of filter, and his ludicrous attention-seeking stunts. So, it didn’t come as too much of a surprise when he shared a photo last week of his latest tattoo – an image of President Barack Obama on a 5,000 dollar bill inked on his left bicep.

The Fat Jew first posted a photo of his new Barack Obama tattoo on Instagram on December 7, captioning the snap in his typical ranting fashion, “Did @nathan_kostechko give me a sick tattoo of Obama on a 5,000 dollar bill? YEAH HE DID, AND I HAVE AN UMBRELLA FOR ALL THE TEARS OF MY HATERS SO DEAL WITH IT BARRY EJACULATES LIGHTNING BOLTS. PROUD LIBTARD BRUHHHHH.” The tattoo was done by Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Nathan Kostechko, and for reasons we can only imagine, Kostechko chose not to post a picture of the Obama tattoo to his own Instagram account.

However controversial his approach, Josh Ostrovsky has become a celebrity in his own right, and like most celebrities, he is no stranger to drama. Even his presence on social media has been plagued by criticism and scandal. His handle used to be @thefatjew, an alter ego he first cultivated at summer camp as a kid, where he met a counselor “who was super fat and identified himself as ‘a fat Jew,’” but he’s been kicked off Instagram at least three times, due to “explicit content,” and he has more haters than he can probably even count, hence the “umbrella” comment in his Obama tattoo post. Ostrovsky now uses the Instagram handle @thefatjewish, and his unique take on celebrity gossip, politics, and life in general has garnered him a cult following.

This fresh Obama ink isn’t The Fat Jew’s only tattoo, not by far. He also has a “New York” tattoo on his upper right chest designed after New York magazine’s iconic logo (P. Diddy has the same tattoo on his forearm, for some reason), a piece on his upper left chest reading “Mazel Tuff,” an image of Bullwinkle, the cartoon moose from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show on his left arm, a tattoo of two pizza slices forming the Star of David, and another tattoo of a pretty awful slice of pizza with the words “MONEY PIZZA RESPECT,” which just happens to be the name of the book he published in November 2015.

See the tattoo in the following pages.