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The Girl with the Vagina Tattoo

This Recording Artist Knows a Thing or Two About Lady Wood

Recording artists are known for immortalizing their musical achievements on their bodies with tattoos. For instance, in 2015 Justin Bieber got the word "Purpose" tattooed across his stomach for his upcoming album and Adam Levine sports the roman numeral 10 on his bicep representing the 10 year anniversary on Maroon 5. Music, in particular, an album of songs, is typically very symbolic to the musicians who make them and tattoos are an excellent way, to sum up, these emotions.

Recently, musician Tove Lo decided to follow suit by inking the art of her sophomore album on her body. However, you won't believe how she chose to depict her album, Lady Wood, in ink. Let's just say that she is definitely making a big statement with this tattoo.

Photo via Instagram