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The Hottest Tattoos in Golden State

Talk about straight fire: the hottest booth during the Golden State Tattoo Expo was run by Fireball Whisky. As thousands flocked to the mecca of the tattoo scene, they turned a corner in the grand Pasadena Convention Center and were greeted by a beacon of fun: the Fireball Whisky team. Lovely ladies welcomed the hip crowd into the space and offered those of legal drinking age a tipple of Fireball. Inside the party, cool kids convened around the shot cart while they traded "drinking stories" and discussed which convention tattoos blew their socks off—nothing brings people together like an amber bottle.

A patron of the tattoo arts, Fireball Whisky offered free tattoos by Andrew Montoya who was busy all weekend inking loyal whisky drinkers with an array of exclusive tattoo flash created specifically for the event. And how did that lucky legion of "Dragon Slayers" celebrate their fresh piece of ink? By toasting with a nice shot glass of the liquor that "tastes like heaven, burns like hell." What can we say other than that tattooed people like to feel the burn from a tattoo or whisky—it reminds us that we are still alive.

For those not lucky enough to get time in the chair with Montoya they walked away with free Fireball merch. It was a beautiful scene to see a company like Fireball showing an appreciation of tattoo art and their fans. Here's to you Fireball Whisky, we will forever slay fueled by your delicious tipple.

Fireball Whisky