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The Magnificent Work of Jay Freestyle

Check out Jay's amazing free-handed pieces!

20 Tattoos by Jay Freestyle That Will Blow Your Mind

There are plenty of bad tattoo artists in the world. Jay Freestyle is not one of them. He leaves you feeling like you have nothing to fear when it comes to the end result. That's a pretty important thing to factor in, considering the result is permanent.

You can feel at ease while giving Jay free reign. Although he fills his pieces with abstract designs that seem to run wild on the skin, the Amsterdam-based artist is very precise about the placement of the tattoo. At times, he uses geometric/trash polka-esque details as well as lines that resemble paint brush strokes.

Creating a style that's all his own, what comes out of the organized madness are some of the most breathtaking tattoos you'll ever see.

Flip through the gallery below to see the amazing work of Pro Team artist, Jay Freestyle.

 Source: Instagram @Jay Freestyle

Source: Instagram @Jay Freestyle

Give and Take

Jay's slogan is, appropriately, “Give me a piece of your skin & I'll give you a piece of my soul.”

Strict Family

Jay was raised in a very strict Chinese family. I wonder how they feel about his profession!


Jay is not from China, but is originally from South Africa!

He isn't only a tattoo artist, but he is a talented painter as well.

Fostering Creativity

Jay moved from South Africa to Amsterdam nearly a decade ago. He needed to be with more artistic surroundings in order to foster his creativity.

Fitting the Mold

While Jay's family is very strict and conservative, he did not particularly fit in with that mold.


Seeing his immense talent, you might expect that Jay learned from the best... or at least received some schooling. It's surprising to learn that Jay is entirely self-taught!


You can probably determine from his name "Jay Freestyle" that all of his work is done completely free-handed.

How Jay views his art

Jay explains his art. “Most describe my style as water-color, and it definitely holds elements of such, but personally it is more. I prefer to combine various styles and techniques, such as geometrical shapes and pointillism, while at the same time mixing realism with abstraction, but at the end it all depends on the collector getting the piece,” he says.


Jay has his own style, but that's not the only style he is capable of creating. He is able to determine, just from speaking with a client, exactly what they are looking for in a tattoo. Then, he is able to execute it.


One of the reasons Jay is so talented is because he has traveled the world perfecting his craft.

Pretty Penny

Getting a tattoo from Jay will cost you a pretty penny, and we can see why. Not to mention, you'll have to travel to Amsterdam!

Larger Pieces

If you're looking for a tiny, delicate tattoo, Jay may not be your guy. While I'm sure he could do a small tattoo with his eyes closed, it's just not his thing.

Creating Magic

Jay prefers to put his effort into larger tattoos. With the larger pieces, there is more possibility for his freestyle technique to create something magical.

Passion and Focus

If you see videos and images of Jay at work, you can see that he passionately focuses on his task.

Good Luck

If you're looking to get one of these beautiful free-handed tattoos, good luck. It is difficult to schedule a session with the sought after tattoo artist.

Waiting List

The waiting list to get in to see Jay Freestyle is up to a year! It may seem like a long time (because it is) but it's absolutely worth the wait. Especially for the larger pieces that Jay prefers to work with.

Making a Name

Since Jay has traveled the world, he has mad a name for himself. He is gaining international fame and success.

Growing Success

Jay has won multiple awards thanks to his magnificent talent. As he further perfects his skill, we don't doubt that his success will continue to grow... and the awards will keep coming.

Memorable and Empowering

“I want my art to be memorable to those who see my pieces and empowering to those who wear my pieces. I’m not looking to tattoo the masses, rather the select few who share the same vision as me and who are willing to give up their bodies to immortalize a piece of art on them,” Jay says.

Beautiful Tattoos

If you loved these beautiful tattoos, make sure to check out more of Jay's work, up next!

More of Jay's Work

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Source: Jay Freestyle