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The Merry Prankster

Roman Atwood is blowing the fuck up. The prankster has a strong following that has grown exponentially since he put up his latest "Anniversary Prank Backfires!!" (if it has yet to pop up in your Facebook feed, watch it below). We noticed the dude's sleeve and reached out to get into his tattoo story and his hijinks. Somewhere between 2 million and 17 million views, while Atwood was getting another tattoo he answered the following questions.

What are you getting tattooed today?
I'm getting my chest filled in. I'm finishing a full chest piece dedicated to my two sons, Kane and Noah.

Who does your work?
Other than Steve-O tattooing my family's letters on me the same guy has done all my tattoos. This is Mike McCollum at Lock, Stock & Barrel Tattoos.

What's it like having your life play out on Youtube?
It's the best time of my life. YouTube has changed my whole world. I went from 12 years in a factory to traveling the world pulling pranks.

What has been your feeling on the reactions to the Backfire prank?
I'm blown away that 17 million people have seen me get my ass owned in just two days. I'm never on the receiving end of my pranks. I guess it was my turn.

Were you proud of your girlfriend?
At the time and even days after I was totally mind blown that her or anyone could flip my own prank around so good. Now I feel like getting her a metal! She killed it.

Are you going to propose any time soon?
I may have to get her back before I can consider that.

Sorry bro, let's switch it up. When did you start getting tattooed?
My first tattoo was seven years ago. I got a Hollywood star on my arm with my dad's name in it. He's a killer musician. Did it for him.

Do you have a favorite piece?
Probably my Statue of Liberty. But I love all my tats so far..

Any plans on a tattoo prank?
Absolutely! Coming very soon...

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