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The most AGONIZING tattoo experience! The Brutal Black Project

“The only breaks are for puking and crying.”

It’s a given that pain is part of the tattoo experience. In fact, most of us embrace some of that discomfort. It is an essential element that one must endure to be granted access into the world of a tattoo collector. In addition, we have all experienced that time in a tattoo session where the endorphins kick in and you slip into a semi-hypnotic state and begin to anticipate, and almost look forward to the needles digging in and the pain that comes with them.

Well, that’s not what we are talking about when referring to the Brutal Black Project a tattoo “experience” created by artists Valerio Cancellier, Cammy Stewart, and Phillip "3Kreuze.”

In a recent Vice article and posts on Reddit the three explained how excruciating pain is what the Brutal Black Project is all about. In fact, they will be the first to admit that the tattoo is not the priority. It is bringing the person in the chair to the brink of their pain threshold and then pushing them beyond that…all with the tattoo machine as the implement of pain.

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Photo via Instagram

Why Would Anyway Agree to Be part of the BBP?

Photo via Instagram

Although all three artists have varying specifics, they all kind of agree it revolves around a person testing their inner strength and mental and physical fortitude...” tripped back to the tribal, you were once a warrior,” experience.

The VICE Video

Helmed by tattoo artists Valerio Cancellier and Cammy Stewart, The Brutal Black Project is a tattooing experience centered around ritual and rebirth, rooted in a style of tattooing that is deliberately brutal. Rather than paying attention to their client's pain threshold, The Brutal Black project takes its subjects far beyond their threshold for pain to create an entirely new experience. Watch the documentary above.