There’s No Shy Contestants Here!

This has got to be one of the most interesting beauty contests on the planet. Look, let’s not beat around the bush here (pun intended). Most guys initial response to the question of, “What kind of vagina do you like?’ will be, “I like them all!”. And that may very well be true, however, if we delve just a be deeper (second pun intended) and asked, “If you could pick between certain different types of pussy, do you have a preference?’, almost every guy would express some specifics on what they like and don’t like.

Well, Autoblow decided it was time to uncover the type of vagina most men find the prettiest and they put the call out there to women across the globe (including women like your sexy next-door neighbor) and the response of amateur pics to flood in was overwhelming.

Coming up is the lowdown (last pun) on The Most Beautiful Vagina Contest!


Photo via vaginacont

The contest was dreamed up by the ruler of the Autoblow kingdom, Brian Sloan. The once lawyer now devotes 110% of his time in a quest to dominate the billion-dollar sex toy market.

The premise was simple and followed the format of other amateur submission contest. In this case women were encouraged to take a pic of the vagina, post it up on the contest site and the public would vote.

he contest was opened to women from around the world. If you had a vagina and willing to take an X-rated pic of it you were eligible.


There was a prize at the end of the tunnel here. The woman voted to have the prettiest vagina would win $5000, and have her zsa-zsa fabricated into a sex toy that could be enjoyed by my men around the globe.

The contest originated back in 2015, but because of the overwhelming response from potential Pussy princesses the contest has started up again.

Before we go any further let’s clear one thing up. Although the contest title refers to the "prettiest vagina". However, what they were and continue to evaluate are vulvas - the external area of the female genitals.


The judges studied the photographs (very closely) and rated their appearance on “labia length, protuberance, and rugosity data coded on images submitted to the contest allowed us to classify vulvas into six styles based on an increasing degree of protrusion and complexity.”

When all the results were taken in, reviewed and tallied it appears that approximately 51% of voters preferred the either of these two styles of labia - non-protruding and simple labia. The other 49% favored the four more complex vulva classes.


Labia minora in Class 1 don’t protrude and are soft. Class 2 labia are also soft, but they protrude slightly from the labia majora. Classes 3 to 5 display protruding labia minora. Classes 3 and 4 have moderate rugosity, but Class 3 has a longer clitoral hood that results in a dangling appearance. Class 5 vulvas exhibit more rugose labia than Classes 3 and 4. Finally, most protruding labia belong to Class 6 vulvas.

All the winners had day jobs so we are not allowed to give their names, but we can give you this info.

Third place went to a 20-year-old Hungarian woman.

The second-place winner was a 23-year-old German woman.


The contest winner was a 27-year-old woman from the United Kingdom. Although we can’t give any personal details you can have sex with her vagina via the sex toy and see all the other contestant’s vagina’s by going to That site is NSFW and shows it ALL!