The Time I Got My Gums Tattooed

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Hey Y'all. Rocsi here. Let’s talk gum tattoos.

When it comes to tattoos, some ideas are great in both, theory and praxis. Whereas others are good only as a thought. Tattoo ideas come to me sporadically. There are some ideas that take time to plan out and others that appear in the spur-of-the-moment. One day, as I did some research for INKED, I came across some pics of people with gum tattoos - HAND POKED GUM TATTOOS - that is. I thought, “Hey that’s dope. I want.” In my mind I imagined it to be red ink saying “reDruM” for me it would say “Murder.” A reference to my favorite Stephen King movie “The Shining.” Let’s follow me on my journey to my gum tattoo, that forever changed my life.


Photo by Peter Roessler | INKED

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