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The Weirdest Flea Market on Earth! Taxidermy to Terrifying Dolls Found at Brooklyn's Oddities Market!


The Strange and the Unusual!

Brooklyn is known for many things. Old-timers fondly remember when the Dodgers played baseball in Ebbets field. Boomers from the 70s link the borough up with a double dose of John Travolta — as Vinny Barbarino in the TV show Welcome Back Kotter and as the iconic Tony Manero from the film Saturday Night Fever. We all know “a tree grows in Brooklyn”, but did you know that if you are looking for a shrunken head, a human skull or maybe a haunted Ouija board, they are all available (for 2 days only) every Fall season in the borough of Kings — Brooklyn, NY - at the Oddities Flea Market!
Cueing up hours ahead of the doors opening on lines that can stretch for blocks, everyone from serious collectors of the macabre to local goth kids to the slightly eccentric. They all wait with baited breath to get first crack at purchasing morbid curiosities that are very rarely seen outside of personal collections or in museums!
If you’re looking for something a little weird, or maybe “a lot weird” then follow us…


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