The WTF Video of the Year!


These People Must Have Been High!

Presently the average number of people who jump on YouTube is 1,300,000,000 (one billion, three hundred million) and to satiate those viewers there are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute with nearly 5 billion videos viewed on the site every single day.

So, it goes without saying that amongst the cute pet, product review, how-to, gaming walkthroughs, Vlogs, Memes, and countless other genres of videos that populate the web, there are going to be some weird things poppin’ up…and we have found a few “doozys”.

Sure, we’ve seen some stuff that would make your skin crawl or videos that contained imagery that you wished you never would have laid your eyes on, but the video we’re showcasing here is more like a freak out, than a gross out. So, dim the lights and roll the video.

Photo via Youtube

It's a Freak Out! Make Sure Your Volume is On!