There are 6 Types of Sex Addicts—Which are You?


Do You Have Sex Addiction?

Although there is no clinical diagnosis for sex addiction, sex addiction therapist and psychologist Dr. Doug Weiss defines it as "the active use of a sexual behavior, whether it is masturbation, an internet porn addiction, fetishes and/or behavior with self or others in a compulsive life-destroying pattern." Weiss is not only a recognized figure in the sex addiction therapy community, but he has also shared his expertise on programs such as Oprah, Dr. Phil, Fox News and Good Morning America. In his book Sex Addiction: 6 Types and Treatment, Weiss outlines 6 unique types of sex addiction and it's time we let a professional explain what truly qualifies as addictive behavior. Take a look at the gallery below to learn the 6 types and share your thoughts on sex addiction in the comments section on Facebook.