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There's a Dating Site for Trump Supporters and It's Not Fake News

Check Out this Controversial and Conservative New Dating Service

When it comes to dating, relationship experts will agree that view points regarding politics are often a deal breaker early on. And over the last two years, with both the 2016 Election and now the era of the Trump Presidency, there is more conflict in the dating process than ever before. Life-long Republican David Goss of California had seen discrimination during the dating process for his conservative leanings amongst his close friends, which led him to develop a brand new dating site for Trump supporters. It's called Trump Singles, and we know what you're thinking, but it is most definitely not fake news. That's right, this is a real dating service for Trump supporters and it's recently gone viral. We've broken down our thoughts on the matter in the gallery below and we'd love to hear your thoughts on the trending Trump Singles site in the comments section on Facebook. Let's check out what some are calling Tinder for Republicans!

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Take a Look at Trump Singles