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There's Nothing Sexier Than a Fallen Angel

There is something inherently sexy about the idea of a corrupted angel, and with those wings on Bibiana Atada is the angel we'd most like to turn to the dark side. Today's Inked Girl of the Day has blessed us by sharing a ton of her sultry—and occasionally NSFW—pictures showing off her curvy body and amazing tattoos. The European model loves her tattoos for more than just the way they accentuate her body.

"I do love all of my tattoos but also the way to get one," Bibiana explains. "Starting with the idea of what I want to ink, then to discuss everything with my tattoo artists, and then to get ready to get inked."

A lot of Bibiana's work, including the large biomechanical piece that goes all the way down the right side of her body, embraces the darker side of life. As she puts it, she's the type of girl that would much rather get tattoos of skulls than flowers. This isn't always the case though. As her chest piece shows, a well placed flower or two (in this case, roses), can really compliment a skull or two. It's safe to say that Bibiana might not need any more corrupting to become the sexy, dark angel of our dreams. Don't take our word for it, check out all of her amazing photos. 

You can see all of Bibiana's fetching pictures at her Inked Girls profiles here, here, and here. If you think that you have what it takes to be our next Inked Girl of the Day you can submit your portfolio here. 

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