These 5 YouTubers Are Here to Share Tattoo Advice


They Can Answer All Your Questions With Helpful Advice!

The tattoo industry can definitely be an intimidating world—notorious for keeping secrets locked tight and keeping away people who are afraid to put themselves out there. However, it doesn't have to be that way and plenty of vloggers are working to make tattooing relatable, inviting, and simplified for millions of viewers around the world. They're sharing their knowledge as people in the industry, whether they're artists or collectors, and sharing it in a way that anyone can understand. And while some tattooer may be turned off by this type of content, by and large, getting the word out about tattooing is a good thing for the industry because it inspires more people to get inked. We have a term for these type of people around the office, they're called inkfluencers, and they inspire everyday people to talk and think about tattooing in a new way.

We've narrowed down our top five YouTubers with the most essential content for first time tattoo collectors and have categorized them by the type of client they're most likely to have a last impact on. Whether you're someone who isn't old enough to start getting tattooed, but curious about the industry or are someone planning a full body suit—there's a content creator out there for you. Let us be your guide through the growing tattoo community on YouTube and let us know on Facebook if you're already subscribe to one (or more) of these vloggers. Take a peek at our pick of the top 5 YouTubers for tattoo virgins in the gallery below.

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