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These 9 Face Tattoos Will Take Your Breath Away

Would You Tattoo Your Mug?

Over the past two years, face tattoos have become a mainstream fashion staple thanks to hip-hop newcomers such as Post Malone, 6ix9ine, Lil Xan and Lil Peep. It’s more common than ever to see musicians between the ages of 17 and 22 with full-blown collections of ink on their faces and it’s begun to cause society to change their tune about visible tattoos. However, while we adore these artists and believe that they have every right to inch up every inch of their bodies, we often wish their tattoos were done by better artists. Celebrities, both young and old, are notorious for not putting in the time and research into finding a good artist—and it appears that this phenomenon is only getting worse among the younger generations. Bad tattoos, especially bad face tattoos, have become a fashion statement in young Hollywood and the tattoo industry is left at a loss for words over why so many stars get shitty ink. Well, it’s time that the world knew that there are plenty of talented artists out there doing artistically and technically sound face tattoos, even in the era of SoundCloud. Take a look at 9 of our favorite face tattoos from the past several months and let us know your thoughts on face tattoos in the comments section on Facebook. Will these tattoos change your mind about inking your mug? You may be surprised to find you’ve had a change of heart after viewing this gallery.

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