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Thirsty Thursday Booze Tattoos

Friday may be the best day of the work week, but throwing the word "thirsty" in front of "Thursday" makes the fifth day of the week quite the contender. One more day until the week's officially over, but we've all made it far enough to reward ourselves. Maybe you already know exactly what your telling the bartender when you stroll into your regular watering hole after work today, but if you want some ideas or just some motivation to make it through the last few hours of the day, flip through the gallery below and check out some tattoos inspired by the nectars of the gods. Pick your poison. We've got whiskey tattoos, beer tattoos, martini tattoos, and there's even a tequila tattoo in there. And of course, since we're just dealing with ink here, there's even some beer mixed in. Drink up. Happy Thirsty Thursday.