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This 17-Year-Old Was Electrocuted While Charging Her Phone

She Was Found Unconscious With Her Headphones Melted Into Her Ears

It's no secret that teens love their cellphones. However, did you know that your phone could kill you? That's right, believe it or not, but there have been quite a few cellphone related deaths in the past—many of which result in automobile accidents. But, for a 17-year-old living in Brazil, she was not operating a car when things took a turn for the worst, instead she fell asleep while listening to music and charging her phone. This young woman would never wake up after falling asleep on Saturday night and it is all because of a huge electric charge that caused her phone to catch fire. Take a look at the video in the gallery below to learn about her passing and to discover how our phones can really be a huge danger to our health. Then let us know your thoughts in the comments section on Facebook.


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