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This Artist Can Transform Any Canvas With Magical Castles

You'll Remember Castlebasas For Years to Come

While many tattoo artists commit their lives to creating art on the skin, others dabble in multiple mediums. From paintings to murals even apparel—there are plenty of ways that a tattooer can experiment with creativity and continue to build their following on social media. And when it comes to artists who have truly found success by branching out, one of the best examples is Castlebasas. Many may remember Castlebasas as Thieves of Tower, a tattooer who creates gothic architectural landscapes on the skin, however today the LA artist is doing much more. He's creating a sustainable brands that plays off his iconic motif of a castle and replicating it across multiple creative platforms. Take a look at the gallery below to see all of the incredible ways Castlebasas is making art and let us know what you think of cross-over artists.

Castle 12

Meet Castlebasas

Also known in the art world as Houston Prince.

Behind the Scenes