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This Artist is Making Tribal Tattoos Cool Again

These Tribal Tattoos Are Anything But Traditional

During the 1990s and early 2000s, 90s tribal tattoos were all the rage. I know, it’s hard to imagine these designs ever being popular, but trust us, it was a thing. And while many tattoo collectors out there, including Mike Tyson, are still rocking their tribal tattoos from decades back, many avoid doing these designs today. However, an artist by the name of Dennis Bebenroth may have found a way to make tribal cool again. This Danish artist is combining tribal designs with cartoon classics to create dynamic yet hilarious designs. Take a look at some of his epic creations and let us know if you think this play on tribal is rad or not. And if you’re sporting some vintage tribal tattoos, throw down your best pics in the comments section on Facebook.

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