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This Artist Makes Mouth Gags Using Dead Birds, Human Teeth, and Broken Glass


Bakeneko Designs is at the Cross-Section of Fear, Fetish and Fantasy

Leather and chains are a thing of the past, because fetish just got a major upgrade. Everyone and their mother is pulling out the whips and gags these days, thanks to 50 Shades of Gray, and the real kinksters found it necessary to up their game in order to maintain their edge. The alternative contemporary fetish brand Bakeneko Designs creates one of a kind mouth gags with extremely unconventional materials. From dead birds, teeth, bugs, and syringes—this indie designer puts the freak in freak show with these horrifying mouth gags that will give you serious nightmares. Get in the spirit of Halloween and be prepared to scare with these jaw dropping fetish accessories.

Photo via Instagram

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