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This Brazilian Tattooer is Trending For All of the Wrong Reasons

Would You Dare Get One of These Tattoos?!

When it comes to the tattooers we typically discuss, we tend to focus on the top notch fine artists that are excelling in the industry. However, when it comes to this Brazilian tattooer that's not the case. Meet Helena Fernandes a.k.a. Malfeitona, a "tattooer" who has gone viral for her unique "style" of tattooing. Modeled off the at home DIY stick and poke tattoos that make every artist die inside, Melfeitona has gained international attention for her bad tattoos.The stick and poke trend has gained a large amount of attention over the years, particularly in its popularity amongst millennials. However, it's far from a legitimized tattoo style and most stick and poke enthusiasts don't seek out a working tattooer for the job.

Even though the 26-year-old tattooer calls her work "trash tattoos" in her native Portuguese, she's gaining a following of clients who are seeking out these technically flawed designs. Take a look at some of her tattoos and give your thoughts on why someone might get these tattoos in the comments section below.

Photo via Instagram