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This Deadly Infection Rots the Penis and Scrotum


Have You Heard of This Disturbing Disease?

Living in a first world country, we take plenty of things for granted, most importantly our health. Throughout the third world, mortality ravages people young and old because there is little access to basic medical care. This can lead to horrific infections, including gangrene. Gangrene occurs when an infection causes tissue death and in the US, there are fewer than 200,000 reported cases per year. However, throughout less developed areas of the world, it is far more common. In South Africa, a rare form of gangrene that affects the genitals is currently ravaging a hospital—with 9 reported cases in 2018. Take a look at the deadly infections that rots the penis and scrotum from the inside out—then share your thoughts on this medical malady in the comments section on Facebook.