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This Guy Really Likes Fish Sticks

One trait that seems to be shared by everyone on Earth is a desire to go to extraordinary lengths in order to get something for free. In order to win tickets for a Kanye West concert Art Commisso will be wearing a pretty hilarious piece of ink for the rest of his life.

O’s Clothes and Mata Mata Studios, both of Hamilton, Ontario, held a contest to see who could come up with the best Kanye related tattoo art with the winner getting both a free tattoo and tickets to see the enigmatic Yeezus in concert. When Commisso created the winning entry he drew inspiration from one of the more infamous episodes of South Park; the tattoo features a picture of Kanye kissing a fish with the words “Fish Sticks” underneath.

If you haven’t seen the South Park episode it revolves around a joke told by Jimmy that the entire country goes nuts over. Kanye is the only person in the country who doesn’t understand the joke and it drives him to insanity.

Commisso told the Hamilton Spectator that when he heard about the contest he immediately thought about the episode and came up with the design. Oliver Knutton from O’s Clothes said that the decision to award Commisso with the tickets was pretty easy.

“This was pretty unanimous,” Knutton told the Hamilton Spectator. “It was the most tattoo-ready, it was funny, it was light-hearted.”

Once the design was deemed a winner it was tattooed onto Commisso by artist Rick Daignault. While inking the contest winner Daignault found out an interesting tidbit— Commisso isn’t even that big of a Kanye fan.

“I’m not the biggest fan,” Commisso said with a chuckle. “But I get to go see him so I’m not complaining.”

As silly as the idea may be the tattoo is actually pretty cool looking and will be sure to make people laugh for quite some time. Unlike Kanye in the South Park episode Commisso is in on the joke.