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This Illustrator Perfectly Characterizes Men Who Go to Strip Clubs

Are You a Taboo Strip Club Customer?

In this day and age, strippers are no longer confined to monetizing their goods exclusively in their clubs, as many have since taken to social media to promote their work as educators, activists, and artists. The latter can be said of illustrator Exotic Cancer, who has created an online identity as an artist/ dancer. Exotic Cancer creates alienesque and at times, shocking, depictions of strippers and their clientele, leaving the glamorized portrayals of sex work for the cinema. Instead, Exotic Cancer provides body positive depictions of dancers while striking gold with her comical yet accurate portrayal of the men who frequent gentlemen's clubs. Take a look at the gallery below to see just a handful of her creative yet crude illustrations and let us know what you think of her off-the-cuff comedy in the comments section on Facebook.

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