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This Lingerie Collection is Inspired by the Zodiac

What should your sign be wearing in the bedroom?

Okay, I have a confession to make— I am unapologetically obsessed with astrology and I don't care who knows it. Ever since middle school, I've loved learning about the different aspects of my sign and I've got some serious virgo pride. Virgos tend to get a bad wrap within the zodiac, however, we keep all of the dysfunctional signs in line. Not only am I passionate about my own sign, but I love reading other people's charts and figuring out aspects of their personality based on where the stars align. I can tell you straight up which signs make the best friends, which signs are marriage material, and which signs will ruin your damn life. Therefore, whenever I see any anything astrology related online, I lose my damn mind. An article pairing Game of Thrones characters to each astrological sign—got to read it. A video going in on the pros and cons of dating each sign—I've probably already seen it. Which is why, when I saw Yandy's brand new Zodiac lingerie collection, I practically squealed with glee. Take a look at this incredible collection of bras, panties, teddys, and sets in the gallery below—then let us know if your lingerie horoscope was accurate in the comments section on Facebook!


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